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North American Communication Service Providers (CSPs), and SaskTel’s infrastructure are quite similar to other operators. As a service provider, we advise other CSPs on techniques to sweat current network assets and extend their lifetime value. With the introduction of increasingly complex services, it is becoming fairly easy for a service provider’s network data to become messy and filled with inaccuracies. Without a clear picture of your network data, it becomes difficult to plan for future services and to manage finances effectively. This becomes a large problem because in the new competitive landscape, service providers need to have a solid understanding of their costs to maintain growth and increase profitability. We have experience with an extensive list of the latest technologies and have introduced some industry firsts. SaskTel International (SI) will share our experience with our customers so you can learn from our successes and challenges.

Services Offered

Network Planning & Design

Networks must be planned and designed to not only ensure service providers can deliver today, but also proactively meet the often unrealized needs of the future.  Diligent preparation is essential, as missteps during this stage can have a detrimental impact upon the types and quality of services provided to customers.  The communications industry is one characterized by rapid change and development.  As the market has developed and evolved through advanced technologies and devices, so have individual’s expectations.  If CSPs cannot keep up with increased bandwidth demands without sacrificing quality of service, they risk losing business to others who can.

SI Network Planning & Design Service enables communication service providers to conceptualize networks that are consistent with their desired levels of capacity, coverage, cost and quality of service. A focus is placed on establishing a network architecture built precisely to your requirements.  The end result is a network that meets the needs of both the operator and its customers and that is positioned for the future.  We have experience with an extensive list of the latest technologies spanning both physical and wireless networks.

Unique to SI is the ability to manage a project in its entirety from conception to completion. With firsthand experience from our parent company, SaskTel, SI can assist CSPs with consultation on the comprehensive design, engineering, build and continued management of the network.  In addition, SI’s suite of next generation Operations Support System (OSS) software applications enable operators to realize further levels of optimization through the continued management of the network through fulfillment and assurance activities.

Network Assessments as a Service (NAaaS)

In a recent Gartner study, it was estimated that 90% of end-customer networks were not properly configured/designed to handle real-time network traffic.  This results in a poor customer experience that can reduce customer loyalty.  As a leader in the information and communications industry, SI understands the pressures that many customers are facing in their search for innovative ways to reduce costs and manage their communication networks, including the adoption of popular and feature-rich IP telephony products.

Network Assessment as a Service is a service that our telecommunication service provider clients can offer to their own customers. This service is designed to ensure that a service provider’s network data is prepared for the introduction of future services.  Network Assessment as a Service (for Voice over IP readiness) gathers, evaluates, and reports on capabilities of the end customer’s network infrastructure in terms of supporting a new or upgraded IP telephony environment, as well as identifying any deficiencies that may delay or prevent the successful implementation of an IP telephony project by the customer. A complete network discovery and assessment will provide valuable information for the planning of tomorrow and ensure that the customer’s network is capable of supporting the business challenges of the future.

With Network Assessment as a Service, SI’s service provider clients will be able to resell this service to their own clients as though it were their own service and SI will handle all of the data analysis and recommendations. This is a white-label opportunity providing a complete turnkey service package that includes the use of the monitoring hardware and all start-up materials such as those related to marketing, software licensing, training, and support. SI has partnered with a leading application performance monitoring company to provide solutions for all applications to be monitored; this includes applications that have been developed internally.  Leverage the hardware and the assessment expertise from SaskTel International to provide this service to your customers.


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Gain access to trusted advisors that have decades of telecom industry experience sourced directly from a billion dollar revenue telecom, SaskTel.

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Establish a network architecture built precisely to your requirements for capacity, coverage, cost and quality of service with a strategic partner that has worked on many turnkey network projects worldwide.

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