Managed Services

Service providers are tasked with the challenging necessity to constantly evolve and innovate in order to ‘do more with less’. Increasingly complex needs and rising customers expectations must be satisfied with limited technological, infrastructure and personnel resources. What’s more is that in order to remain efficient, both capital investments and operating expenditures must be diligently managed and controlled. This translated into an intricate requirement to find new ways of strategically advancing the business, all the while streamlining operations and reducing expenses.

With managed services from SaskTel International (SI), service providers are empowered to quickly, simply and seamlessly embed new capabilities within their business, while minimizing risk and investment in doing so. Our customers can leverage the services and infrastructure that we already have in place so they can strategically advance their business with quick turn up times and reduced costs. They can leverage the expertise and experience of a partner who can provide higher efficiency and economies of scale than they could provide on their own.

Services Offered

Managed Hosting

Operating and maintaining the hardware and associated infrastructure to empower your mission critical systems and applications can be a costly and onerous undertaking.  Organizations today are seeking cost-effective options to free up IT resources and keep business-critical data safe and accessible.

SI managed hosting services provide hardware, operating system management and support in an enterprise-class data center and operating environment.  Remove the complexity of managing data and applications internally and experience the peace of mind knowing that they will always be secure and available.  By adopting a forward-thinking and scalable approach, effectively control and manage IT expense.


It can be a challenging undertaking for organizations to find and implement the right IT solution.  In-house options are often inadequate, expensive and may not scale as the business grows.  Other options, such as building an off-site data centre can be a financially unviable and unrealistic option.

SI colocation services enable customers to house their critical IT hardware in a secure and stable enterprise-class data centre. Colocation provides customer ownership and access to IT equipment while leveraging shared infrastructure for power, cooling, and the management of the environment.  Whether co-locating a production or disaster recovery environment, organizations are empowered to cost effectively manage their IT infrastructure and resources while regaining valuable office space for potential growth and reducing their environmental technology footprint.

Hosted Contact Centre

In the age of customer experience, businesses must implement a multi-channel approach to optimally manage customer interaction.  To realize the greatest success, customers and their associated requests and issues must be effectively addressed in the most efficient way.

SI Hosted Contact Centre (HCC) is a full-featured, web-based solution for businesses of all sizes that enables the delivery of enhanced customer service and experience.  HCC empowers businesses to oversee the simplified management of customer interactions across multiple channels – voice, email, and web chat.  With HCC there are no up-front costs, software, hardware or maintenance, all your employees need is a phone and an Internet browser.

Information Security Portal

Keeping your network secure is more important now than it’s ever been.  Should they be improperly addressed, internal and external cyber-threats (both known and unknown) can significantly impact an organization’s ability to deliver.

Through a strategic partnership with industry leading security expert Seccuris, SI provides a cloud-based information security solutions that offers your business 24/7 visibility into security issues and risks across your organization.  Information Security Portal (ISP) provides valuable information on incidents that impact your organization’s network, supporting effective risk based decision making at all levels of your business.

IMS as a Service

Technology standards vary from network to network. Service providers manage various types of services such as messaging, voice and video via a siloed approach, with individual cores, equipment, and devices for each. Features cannot easily transfer across these disparate networks, and the ways in which customers want and the ability to connect with one another are consequently limited.

SI’s parent company, SaskTel, has implemented and IMS platform. IMS (Internet Protocol for Multimedia Subsystems) is the platform of the future for providing converged services that can be independent of the access technology used to get to the services. Whatever the service being sought, the device being used, and the location of the user, all activity on our networks will route through that common core, providing a smooth, dynamic user experience. The web of this technology allows service providers to offer a whole range of new sophisticated services such as Hosted Business Communication Services (HBCS), voice services over LTE (VoLTE), Rich Communication Services (RCS), as well as defined migratory path for existing telephony network.

IMS does require a sizeable investment and generally takes a long time to deploy if you’re building from scratch. However, SI can provide this service to CSPs as a managed service so you can take advantage of our infrastructure instead of investing in your own. Rely on a CSP with the background and experience who can provide you with the infrastructure and professional services to help you launch your own services through an IMS platform quickly and with reduced costs.


Strategically Grow your Business

Find new ways of strategically advancing your business.

Become more Productivity

Advance your business through evolution and innovation in order to “do more with less”.

Quick Return on Investment

Realize benefits associated with quick turn up times and reduced costs.

What makes us Special?

100+ Years of Operating Excellence

Leverage the knowledge, experience, and expertise of a century old quad-play provider to grow your business with less risk and uncertainties.

30+ Years Serving Tier 1 to 3 Clients Worldwide

Our solutions and services have been trusted by telecoms of all sizes, globally.

Experience in a variety of weather and terrain

Successful initiatives in diverse rural and urban areas as well as extreme weather conditions.

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