SI Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

With SI’s robust Software-as-a-Service portfolio, empower leading-edge fulfillment and assurance capabilities while cost-effectively managing IT and software related expenses.

To remain competitively positioned, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) today are faced with constant pressure to enhance customer experience while introducing improved efficiencies and driving new levels of operational savings. What’s more is that they are forced to do so with limited resources, including budget, time and personnel.

SaskTel International’s (SI’s) robust Operations Support System (OSS) Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering empowers CSPs with leading-edge fulfillment and assurance capabilities while enabling a cost-effective approach to managing IT and software related expenses. As opposed to traditional on-site models, CSPs can eliminate the complexity and expense of deploying and administering applications and infrastructure internally. With SaaS, CSP’s can adopt a flexible, expedited and proactive approach to implementing and managing OSS.

  • Feel confident knowing software and data is always safe, secure and available.
  • By leveraging an enterprise-class data centre, alleviate concerns with performance, uptime and disaster recovery.
  • Scale applications with business demand without incurring significant IT expense.
  • Bypass the significant upfront and ongoing costs and complexities of IT infrastructure and resources typically required for deploying and maintaining on-site instances of software. Simplified deployment means enterprises can be up and running quicker than ever.
  • Seamlessly access the latest functionality without the costs and effort typically associated with upgrades and new releases of on-site software.
  • Through a low initial investment and predictable expense structure bypass the risk and significant upfront investment required for on-site deployments.
  • Access applications from any computer—any time, anywhere.

Leverage the same powerful capabilities intrinsic to SI’s OSS suite while benefiting from the additional advantages that a SaaS-based model has to provide.

Service and Resource Inventory Management

Service and Resource Order Management

Service and Resource Activation

Incident and Problem Management