SaskTel International software applications play a critical role in enabling and supporting the services we depend on for a connected world.

Whether it be fulfilling and delivering the services your customers are demanding or assuring their undisrupted operation, SaskTel International has the solution. Our applications optimize your operations, enabling you to realize new efficiencies, deliver to an enhanced customer experience, and reduce costs. The result is streamlined operations that lend themselves to a unique competitive advantage.

Service Fulfillment

Service Assurance

Inventory Management

Order Management


Incident & Problem Management

Service Management

Service Inventory Management

Service Inventory Management

Service Inventory Management represents the applications which contain and maintain information about the instances of services in a telecom organization.

  • Service Inventory Information Model
  • Service Inventory Retrieval
  • Service Inventory Update Notifications
  • Service Inventory Update
  • Service-Supporting Resource Inventory
  • Service Inventory Reconciliation / Synchronization
Service Order Mangement

Service Catalog Management

Service Catalog Management applications are repositories of service listings within a service provider that enable the ability to design, create, augment and map new entities and supporting data.

Service Order Management

Service Order Management applications manage the end to end life cycle of a service request.

  • Service Data Collection
  • Service Order Validation
  • Service Order Publication
  • Service Availability
  • Service Design/Assign
  • Service Configuration Management
  • Service Activation Management
  • Service Order Orchestration


Service Activation

Service Activation

Service Activation applications are responsible for activation of specific services based on the specific service configuration.

  • Plan Service Activation
  • Service Configuration Activation
  • Activation Notifications
Incident and Problem Management

Incident Management

Incident Management applications restore normal service operation as quickly as possible following an incident, while minimizing impact to business operations and ensuring quality is maintained.

  • Incident Detection and Recording
  • Incident Classification and Initial Support
  • Investigation and Diagnosis
  • Incident Resolution and Recovery
  • Incident Closure
  • Incident Ownership, Monitoring, Tracking and Communication

Problem Management

Problem Management applications are responsible for receiving service affecting customer problems as well as network troubles/faults, relating the various problems, and resolving them in an efficient manner.

  • Problem Reception
  • Problem Analysis
  • Problem Correction & Resolution
  • Problem Tracking & Management
  • Problem Reporting

Resource Management

Resource Inventory Management

Resource Inventory Management

Resource Inventory applications manage information of all resources used to implement services and products.

  • Resource Inventory Information Model
  • Service Inventory Retrieval
  • Resource Inventory Update Notifications
  • Resource Inventory Updates
  • Resource Inventory Reconciliation


Resource Order Management

Resource Order Management

Resource Order Management applications manage the end to end life cycle of a resource order request.

This includes validating resource availability as well as the resource order request.

  • Resource Order Validation
  • Resource Order Publication
  • Resource Asset Design/Assign
  • Network Resource Activation
  • Resource Order Orchestration
Resource Activation

Resource Activation

Resource Activation applications interpret the needs of a fulfillment request into specific control commands for a network or sub-network often handling proprietary messaging with individual resource elements.

  • Multi-Vendor and Multi-Technology Activation
  • Multiple Network Element Activation Coordination
  • Configuration Validation and Rollback
  • Dependency Management of Network Elements
  • Confirm/Identify Available Resources
  • Resource Inventory Updates
  • Activation Notifications