At SaskTel International (SI), you are a part of a unique team of talented individuals, who are not only really good at cubical golf and hitting home runs but are the best professionals in their industry who value the impact their hard work creates. We encourage a healthy work/life balance, along with a relaxed and enjoyable office environment – because work should be fun! Working at SI you feel energized, empowered and most importantly, look forward to coming to work everyday!

Click on the photos below and read what our employees are saying about us (if you don’t already take our word for it):

Shelley Pappas

Shelley Pappas
Project Manager

Shelley Pappas
Project Manager

Shelley Pappas Shelley Pappas Shelley Pappas

“My favourite attributes of this organization are my co-workers, our work ethic and the comfortable and flexible work environment.”

A familiar and comforting voice around the office, at any given time you could be a witness to Shelley’s infectious laugh or fast pace strut down the halls. As a Project Manager, Shelley is always on the go, constantly ensuring that deadlines are set and met, and her team has the information and support they need to be successful. One of the biggest challenges Shelley has faced during her time at SI was managing the development of a new software application, “The project created a vast amount of work, with very tight deadlines. Without the hard work of our highly skilled, committed and knowledgeable team, this project would not have achieved the success it has,” confides Shelley.

Project Manager by day, group fitness instructor by night, when Shelley isn’t working you can find her enjoying dinner with friends and family, shopping, or watching movies (it’s reassuring Shelley has down time, we were beginning to think she was super-human).

Shelley’s five fun facts in five minutes or less:
1. If you could be an animal, what would it be and why?
I’ve never thought about it, maybe a monkey? They are hilarious and make me laugh. Or a wild horse, they are beautiful animals and are strong, fast, and free!

2. If you could bring a pet to work, what would it be?
A rock. I’m not an animal person.

3. If you have 99 problems, what isn’t one?
I’m always on the go, so I never suffer from boredom.

4. Who is your favorite wrestler (professional or amateur)?
Brett Hart. Not only is he Canadian, but he’s “The best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be.” Oh, and he was way ahead of his time…he is a guy and wore pink!

5. How much money have you dropped at the SI General Junk Food Store?
I don’t know, I’d guess $50.

Marc de Jose

Marc de Jose
Technology Systems Engineering Manager

Marc de Jose
Technology Systems Engineering Manager

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“The best part about working at SaskTel International is the awesome people that like to have fun while creating products we can be proud of.


Marc de Jose… where do we start?  He is such a great addition to the SI team, leading a strong group of developers to achieve much success.  This Technology Systems Engineering Manager has been with SI for over 9 years and not a day goes by where he does not have someone laughing hysterically.  He is a valued member of the Social Committee and an active participant in all of the exciting office activities.  There is no record of how many home runs Marc has hit while playing on the SaskTel International National’s baseball team, but it is quite impressive how he caught the ball with his eye!  Way to go Marc.

When Marc is not busy at work creating products and being a jokester at SI, he is at home starting renovation projects (not sure he completes them) and being a #1 Dad to his beautiful babies. When asked what advice he would give to people who aspire to be where he is, Marc replied “Careful what you wish for . . . but if you’re sure, always have some kind of personal project on the go to teach yourself something new.”

Marc’s five fun facts in five minutes or less:

1. If you were an animal, which one would you be and why?
Monkey . . .  full dexterity and nobody questions your hi-jinks . . .  stealing wallets/bananas, throwing poop, etc.

2.  Suppose you are suddenly blessed with magical powers and want to use them to change one of your managers into an animal, which animal would that be?
I wouldn’t actually change my manager into an animal but I would make him or her make occasional goat sounds . . .  just to spice up meetings.

3. If you were written about in a newspaper, what would the headline say?
Awesomest Person Somehow Becomes More Awesome!!!

4. What’s the strangest talent you have?

5. Are you the reason your team lost the SI Golf Tournament?
No, that was Elizabeth’s fault.

Raashid Kiani

Raashid Kiani
Project Manager

Raashid Kiani
Project Manager

Raashid Kiani Raashid Kiani Raashid Kiani

“People at SI are always there to help and assist you to go beyond the call of duty to perform assigned tasks”

Raashid Kiani is a kind-hearted soul and fun loving Project Manager at SI. Since 2013, Raashid has been part of the SaskTel International family. It goes without saying that Raashid is very kind. He always has a smile on his face and no matter what the situation; you can be guaranteed Raashid will look at it in a positive way. He is the kind of person that will let you fill up your water bottle before him, even if he was there first. When asked what he is most proud of, he replied “his honesty and straightforwardness”.

When Raashid is done managing his many projects, he is usually spending quality time with his family and friends. He is into trying new ventures whether professional or personal and is very much interested in exploring new places. This could be why Raashid took a trip to Dubai Burj Khalifa!

Raashid’s five fun facts in five minutes or less:

1. If you were an animal, which one would you be and why?
A Deer. They have such innocent eyes and people love it!

2. If you were written about in a newspaper, what would the headline say?
Brain with a unique innovation.

3. What has been your favourite SI Social event and why?
I enjoy all events, however, last year Halloween as it was my first time to wear a Halloween costume.

4. What is the strangest talent you have?
I can mimic voices.

5. People would be surprised to know that I…
Served in the military for 18 years and retired at the rank of Major.

Michelle Ashmore

Michelle Ashmore
Business Consulting Manager

Michelle Ashmore
Business Consulting Manager

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“The people at SI are what make SI the best place to work. I have made some life-long friendships here.”

A Business Consulting Manager like no other is Michelle Ashmore!  She is small but mighty and brings 17 . . . yes, 17 years of experience to SI in various roles within IT and Business.  She is a delightful, ball of sunshine that brightens up any meeting just by having her present.  Michelle is very dedicated to the success at SaskTel International and unless she is in a meeting you will find her busy at her desk always working hard on something.

In the wee hours of the morning, you might be lucky enough to spot Michelle jogging along the open paths to start her day.  According to Michelle, “this is a great way to freshen up your mind and get ready for the work day ahead!”  This super mom has her hands full outside of work with 2 children (7 and 4) that keep her very busy.

Michelle’s five fun facts in five minutes or less:

  1. What’s the best place you have ever traveled to?

Castaway Cay, Bahamas (Disney Island).

  1. At what store are you most likely to max out your credit card?

The Disney Store!

  1. What has been your favourite SI Social event and why?

ICA night . . . I met my husband there 🙂

  1. What advice can you give to people who aspire to be where you are?

Honesty, integrity and trust are fundamentals that will take you where you want to go with pride and accomplishment . . . wherever it is.

  1. People would be surprised to know that I . . .

Write poetry and have some work published.

Lorne Multon

Lorne Multon
Product Support Director

Lorne Multon
Product Support Director

Lorne Multon Lorne Multon Lorne Multon

“There is a real sense of accomplishment working here. All employees have the opportunity to truly contribute to the success of the company.”

Lorne Multon is the Product Support Director at SI with loads of experience under his belt, 14 years in fact. Lorne has a very dynamic role within our organization; he is accountable for the overall design and delivery of SI’s product support services. Working closely with SI clients to ensure their needs are not only being met, but surpassed, Lorne is passionate about his work and the positive impact it makes. Although some may not know this, Lorne is also a comedian in hiding. He’s got one of the best senses of humour you could find, and brings a much appreciated quirkiness to the organization.

A shared belief amongst the SI team, Lorne feels the people who make up our organization are what allows SI to be truly unique, compared to other organizations. “We have many, many people here that go well above and beyond what is expected of them to build excellent products and provide exceptional customer service,” states Lorne.

Lorne’s five fun facts in five minutes or less:
1. Batman, Spiderman or Superman and why?
Always been a batman fan, he’s more of a thinker than the others. He doesn’t just rely on his brawn in his fight against evil; he needs to outwit his foes.

2. What’s your favorite piece of office stationery?
It has to be the post-it note . . . I wonder what percentage of the world’s critical information is on a 3″ by 3″ piece of yellow paper?

3. Favorite type of music and why?
Definitely 80’s hair rock! Motley Crue, Poison . . . nothing has come to matching the music perfection that was achieved then.

4. What is your favorite lunch to steal and why?
I swiped a piece of pie the other day, it was delicious. I’ve always had a weakness for pie.

5. What has been your favorite event at SI so far?
My favorite events are the Company Potlucks; I enjoy sampling the diverse cuisine.

Elizabeth Ebenal

Elizabeth Ebenal
Executive Administrator

Elizabeth Ebenal
Executive Administrator

Elizabeth Ebenal Elizabeth Ebenal Elizabeth Ebenal

People are always willing to drop what they are working on to help out in any way they can.”

Elizabeth Ebenal is SI’s coordinator extraordinaire, planner of all none-evil, and most importantly Executive Administrator. Elizabeth has worked with the organization for two and a half years, and basically is the glue that keeps us stuck together. Between coordinating Christmas parties, conferences and last minute beach volleyball tournaments, our organization probably would not have nearly as much fun as we do without her. Don’t worry, she appreciates us too and was pleasantly surprised when discovering the support network that exists at SI, “There are so many people at SI that are here to support and help you succeed in your development and further advance your career,” stated Elizabeth.

Fittingly, Elizabeth has been Team Captain and Top Recruiter of the SaskTel International National’s since the team’s formation in 2012 and remains the best second base-woman in the league.

Elizabeth’s five fun facts in five minutes or less:
1. If you had a super power, what would it be?
To be invisible.

2. Favorite childhood cartoon?
The Smurfs.

3. Who is your favorite wrestler (professional or amateur)?
Hulk Hogan, because I liked Miss Elizabeth.

4. How much money have you dropped at the SI General Junk Food Store?
Which time?! Haha.

5. What has been your favorite event at SI been so far?
Tough question, I would say Christmas Party 2012 or any of the ICA nights. The SI User Conferences are awesome too!